Story Structure for Narrative Nonfiction


Create a plan for your nonfiction project in this course designed to help you identify your story and use the right tools to bring it to life.


What you can learn.

  • Learn how nonfiction writers approach structuring their stories
  • Identify ways the reflective voice can guide your writing and support your overall story goal
  • Give and receive feedback on works-in-progress
  • Develop a synopsis and outline for your project

About this course:

Many narrative nonfiction writers find themselves writing into a memory, problem, image, or question, but they struggle to create meaning out of it. Other writers have a theme or meaning in mind but struggle to find a narrative. Finding a structure for your narrative nonfiction can build momentum and meaning while giving your work the skeleton it needs to come to life. This course gives you an overview of many different types of skeletons found in narrative nonfiction, and it encourages you to experiment with these skeletons as you work on your project. You learn tools to deal with the particular challenge nonfiction writers have in building meaning in their writing: how much do you use the reflective voice and how does this affect how a story is built? Each week, you submit writing intended to help you practice the craft tools we discuss. By the end of the course, you have a synopsis and outline for your project.

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