Translating Literature for Absolute Beginners


Learn to translate literature into English in this workshop designed for writers with even just a simple understanding of a foreign language.


What you can learn.

  • Learn different approaches to completing a translation project
  • Compare and discuss multiple translations of one work
  • Get an overview of the translation field
  • Practice translating work in a supportive and knowledgeable environment

About this course:

This workshop is geared to writers with little or no experience translating foreign-language literature into English, but would like to try. You need not be fluent or even a comfortable speaker to get started, but need a working knowledge of a non-English language (at least the equivalent of a semester or two of a language). In this workshop, you get a sense of different approaches and theories around translation by comparing multiple translations of the same work. We discuss the contemporary translation landscape in the US and how you can contribute to it. You also gain tips and resources on the practice of translation itself. Students have the opportunity to practice translating in a supportive community of peers.
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