Waking Up Your Prose


Invigorate your prose writing by learning techniques and strategies that energize your vocabulary, description, and imagery.


What you can learn.

  • Read contemporary poetry to identify techniques you can apply to prose
  • Respond to writing prompts that encourage you to stretch your skills
  • Give and receive feedback on drafts developed for class
  • Incorporate new writing techniques to make your prose come alive

About this course:

Just like with physical exercise, when we’re not getting the results we want, it’s often helpful to change things up. If we only do aerobics, it can be a game-changer to incorporate Pilates or Yoga. The same is true for our writing. Maybe it’s time to try alternative ways to wake up our prose, and discover how being playful, loosening up, and taking a chance with words can lead to prose-on-fire! This ten-week course offers prose writers the opportunity to learn how to ignite and reinvigorate their work by applying techniques, exercises, prompts, (and secrets) poets use to create concise, energetic, fresh imagery. Through reading poetry, practicing automatic writing to prompts, and workshopping students’ prose, students learn how implementing these poetic techniques will awaken and elevate the work they are already doing.

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