Wired for Story: Seven Steps to Creating an Irresistible Novel


Learn the five steps to take before writing that will bring your key plot elements to life, drive it forward, and give it meaning.


What you can learn.

  • Identify what the human brain responds to most in storytelling structure
  • Focus in on what will make your personal story appeal to readers
  • Cut down on time spent rewriting by taking important pre-writing steps to succeed
  • Prepare yourself to write in any genre with the techniques covered in class

About this course:

Every writer wants two things: to tell a story that hooks readers and never lets them go, and to find a way to accomplish that without going through the long slog of endlessly writing draft after draft. This workshop gives you actionable ways to meet both goals. We examine the five steps to take before you start writing that will save you months (or years) of hard work, not to mention heartache and frustration. Instead of rooting around in your plot for the story, you unearth the key story elements beneath the plot that bring it to life, drive it forward, and give it meaning. These elements have little to do with the surface plot or "writing well" and everything to do with what we're hardwired to respond to in every story we read. Learning what your reader's brain craves, and why, allows you to zero in on what your story is really about before you write word one (or, if you've already started, before you write another word). You will not only produce a more powerful novel, chances are you will drastically reduce your rewrite time. Also of value to those writing memoirs, short stories, screenplays, or any other form of story.

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