Writing the Metaphysical Bestseller


Tap into your wealth of knowledge in the fields of metaphysical topics to craft an irresistible book for a specialized audience.


What you can learn.

  • Identify how your knowledge of specific fields can be turned into a successful book for your audience
  • Work in a community of like-minded writers who will challenge and support your growth
  • Practice key craft techniques like blending research with personal experiences
  • Leave class with the first 25 pages of a longer work

About this course:

Since the 1970s thee has been a growth industry of metaphysical books (sometimes called New Age) dealing with alternative approaches to Body/Mind/Spirit.  If you would like to take your hard-won knowledge in yoga, herbalism, runes, or even spellcasting and create a book that can establish you as an expert in your field this is a great class to explore this in an atmosphere of Wonder and mutual respect. Topics covered include how to write about ethics, how to structure meditations, how to blend scholarly data with personal experience – as well as tips on research and on pedagogy. Participants will create a 25 page beginning of their metaphysical tome and an outline for its conclusion. 

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