Writing Powerful Scenes for Movies and TV


Upgrade your script with scenes that hang together in compelling sequences using the most powerful techniques at a screenwriter's' disposal.


What you can learn.

  • Analyze successful scenes and sequences to identify effective techniques
  • Complete writing exercises that enhance your scene-writing skills
  • Identify emotional context, narrative intensity, and pacing and escalation
  • Read and respond to work of other writers in class

About this course:

The secret to success as a screenwriter or episodic TV writer is being able to write powerfully constructed scenes populated by original characters that compel a reader to want to keep reading. This intensive workshop analyzes highly successful scenes and sequences, as well as provides structured writing assignments and review of your work in order to provide the tools necessary to conceive, write, and edit professional-caliber scenes and sequences. By working on emotional context, narrative intensity, organic escalations, and high-impact pacing, you create memorable scenes essential for any successful screenplay or pilot. Throughout the course, you hear your scenes workshopped and receive feedback on the dynamics of your work. You leave the course with a set of scenes written/re-written, new writing tools, and fresh insights into your work, including a scene-writing checklist that you are able to use as a "scene enhancer" for years to come.

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