Writing Your First Novel


Start writing your first novel in this supportive workshop that helps you identify your story and craft the first chapter of your book.


What you can learn.

  • Examine the elements of successful novels to identify effective techniques
  • Develop realistic characters who inhabit a compelling world of your own design
  • Respond to in-class exercises that deepen your understanding of your book
  • Read and respond to the work of other writers in the class

About this course:

Writing the first novel can be daunting, at times, even downright lonely. Though being a writer means being alone, writing on your own, it's good to come out of the cave and seek the company of other like-minded individuals for inspiration, support, and to brainstorm ideas. In this class, you are part of a small group of writers working towards the same goal--to write an amazing first novel. Together, we explore the elements of successful novel writing, develop three-dimensional characters, and understand structure, plot, and scene dynamics. This intensive workshop consists of reading assignments (where you will learn what it means to "read like a writer"), in-class exercises, assigned writing, lectures on craft, and the give-and-take of critique workshops. The goal is for you to create a solid outline of your novel (or a solid plan for finding your way to the heart of your story), write a first chapter, and acquire the tools you need to keep you going when you return to your cave. 

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