Writing Your First Screenplay


Jumpstart your first feature film project in this intensive workshop that will help you refine your story, craft an outline, and teach you screenplay structure.


What you can learn.

  • Learn the basics of three-act structure and how screenplays use it to tell stories
  • Develop a powerful logline to help you identify the essence of your script
  • Respond to writing prompts and exercises to refine and enrich your story
  • Workshop ideas and drafts in a supportive, encouraging environment

About this course:

Learning to write a screenplay is a process, and to do it well can take years of practice. This workshop offers two tried-and-true ways to make a lot of progress in a short period of time as you: 1) learn how to write a strong outline and 2) get personalized feedback on your work. A series of writing exercises and assignments help you master the basics of screenwriting, especially the all-important screenplay structure, while also exploring scene development, characterization, and dialogue. Boil down your story into a one-sentence logline and then expand that into a complete outline for a feature-length script. With a solid, entertaining outline in hand, you leave the workshop ready to conceptualize and begin work on your own script beyond the classroom.

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