Writing Your Memoir


Turn your life into art in this supportive, encouraging intensive workshop where you develop a unique and compelling book based on your lived experience.


What you can learn.

  • Learn to apply techniques of fiction to your story to enrich characters and scenes
  • Examine the role of self-revelation in crafting a strong memoir
  • Discuss the ethnics of writing about real people with truth and integrity
  • Read and review the work of other writers in the class


This course is part of the 2019 Writers Studio—Our annual intensive writing workshop held at UCLA Extension in Westwood Village. Harness your creativity, hone your skills, and develop your story with four days of instruction and writing in a supportive environment. 

About this course:

Humorous coincidences, extreme trauma, famous exploits--these are often mistaken as the ingredients necessary for memoir writing. Not true. The real work of memoir is about turning life into art, the kind of literature that speaks to the humanity of us all. This four-day intensive class is unlike any other in the way it helps writers enter the psychological space where their deepest stories lie. It then provides them the tools for rendering those stories in compelling prose. Special focus is given on how to forge an involving story line out of the unwieldy mass of life experience. You learn to employ fictional techniques, like characterization, dialogue, and plot to transform personal experience into artful stories relevant to readers. Self-revelation, perhaps the form's greatest challenge, is explored in depth. You also learn how to transfer the people in your life onto the page with integrity and honesty. Finally, the course provides the insight and experience of guest authors, which also serve as a great networking opportunity.

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