Adaptation for Screenwriters II


Turn an existing story into a compelling script in the continuation of a two-part series on adaptation for film and television.


What you can learn.

  • Continue your adaptation for film or television
  • Develop your own unique voice and style
  • Complete a short script or feature draft
  • Learn more about the landscape of current film and television adaptations

About this course:

A glance at movie listings or network, cable, and streaming offerings will indicate that adaptations are the basis of the contemporary industry. This is the continuation of a course created and designed for students who want to focus on adapting literary, theatrical, graphic novel, and fact-based material into films and long form television. Participants can start or continue projects based on public domain material and develop short films or complete full length scripts. The goal is the development of an adaptation and the writer’s unique voice and style. The students’ major project will be a completed and polished, camera ready script for the short film—22 pages maximum—begun in Adaptation 1 or a rough draft for a full length screenplay.
SCRIPT X 461.1E Adaptation For Screenwriters I, or equivalent, or department approval. Students must bring a polished outline and opening pages of their script created in Adaptation I to first class meeting and be prepared to pitch it.

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