Advanced Half-Hour Pilot Rewrite

SCRIPT X 423.3

Take your previously written half-hour scripts and maximize their potential in this advanced workshop focusing on story development.


What you can learn.

  • Analyze your script to determine its potential for revision
  • Give and get feedback on other writers' scripts to deepen knowledge of structure and comedy
  • Edit your script to ensure each premise is fully realized

About this course:

If 90 percent of writing is rewriting, then 99 percent of television writing is rewriting. And rewriting, for the most part, means fixing story problems and maximizing the potential of a story idea. Story development is such a complex set of ideas, even for working television writers and executives, that probably half the episodes produced each year need to be rethought in whole or part after their table readings. And that is after weeks of the initial hard work of breaking the story and writing and rewriting the script. In this workshop, the goal is to take your previously written half-hour scripts, both originals and specs, that ultimately did not fulfill their ambitions, and determine where they fell short and make the necessary changes so that each premise is fully realized.
The completed half-hour pilot draft you wish to rewrite in this course is required to apply.

Admission to this course is by application only and the selection process is competitive. It is recommended that students take intermediate-level courses prior to submitting their work. When this course is open for enrollment, click "See Details" for application guidelines and quarterly application deadlines.

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