Advanced TV Series Showrunning

SCRIPT X 423.5

Learn how successful showrunners manage their series in this practical course taking you behind the scenes of today’s TV landscape.


What you can learn.

  • Learn the various roles the showrunner plays as a series’s head visionary and leader
  • Gain insight into how to develop the business acumen needed to survive as the head of a series
  • Discuss how to keep your series consistent through the arc of your season and series run
  • Develop a series bible with pilot summary and series arc

About this course:

There is currently high demand for skilled showrunners, the person who generally creates the series, writes the pilot, sells the series, and stays on to run the series. In this course, you gain access to the process from the first pilot script to getting the budget to send it to pilot, with the goal of ultimately getting picked up for a series. As the overall success of the series depends on both creative and business acumen, you also gain insight into the negotiation process with the studio, network, or distributor. You learn how to staff writers and break stories; run the writers' room; pull the production team together; work with rotational directors, production heads of departments, editors, and other matters of post-production—making sure all episodes are consistent and reflect the overall series arc—all while managing relationships with the network, studio, and broadcasters. Your final project will be to hand in your Series Bible complete with pilot summary and series arc. Guest speakers from the industry share inside knowledge and examples so you can plan your path to success as a showrunner.

You'll need to review a sample script, complete a questionnaire, and submit a resume for this course.

Admission to this course is by application only and the selection process is competitive. It is recommended that students take intermediate-level courses prior to submitting their work. When this course is open for enrollment, click "See Details" for application guidelines and quarterly application deadlines.

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