All About "Killing Eve"

SCRIPT 726.7

Take a deep dive into one of TV’s most critically acclaimed hits to unpack what makes it a well-written and powerful example of contemporary television.


What you can learn.

  • Explore what made Killing Eve a cultural milestone in contemporary television
  • Discuss how the richly developed characters drive plot and action throughout the series
  • Identify the conventions of genre and how Killing Eve has turned them upside down
  • Examine the role shifts in tone and emotion play in hooking viewers episode after episode

About this course:

"The American gaze on the British hit Killing Eve and what we need to learn.” From the culturally groundbreaking casting, richly complex character development and obsessive romantic themes to the darkly comedic undertones woven into the context of life and death circumstances of spy-craft, we will examine the many ways Killing Eve has breathed new life and relevance into what was a fading TV spy genre.

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