The Art & Craft of Creating a Compelling Logline

SCRIPT 726.2

Learn how to distill your feature-length screenplay into a punchy, provocative one-liner for pitches, competitions, and other professional contexts.

Remote Instruction
As few as 1 day

What you can learn.

  • Understand the role the logline plays in promoting your script to various industry decision makers
  • Capture your complex story in as few words as possible to capture interest and hold attention
  • Identify the elements of effective loglines and practice writing them
  • Give and receive feedback on loglines developed in class

About this course:

Having a ready and intriguing answer to the question “What’s it about?” is one of the most important things a screenwriter can do to help advance their career. Most people’s attention spans are short, those of agents, managers and producers are arguably even shorter. You want to be able to pique your listener’s interest as concisely yet evocatively as possible. This one-day class includes a discussion of the elements that make for a successful logline, exercises designed to practice crafting them, and time for workshopping your own loglines to help you create your strongest version possible. Come prepared with two or three ideas to workshop in-class.

Summer 2020 Schedule

Available Format(s):

These courses have regular meeting times and are fully online, via remote instruction. Click “See Details” below for more information.

Wait List
Saturday 10:00AM PDT - 12:00PM PDT
Location: Online
Instructor: Diane Drake
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Early enrollment required.

This course uses remote instruction. As such, instructors use Zoom to offer live class meetings at the designated class meeting time. Students must be present at course meeting times as each student’s final grade may include scores for participation.

Please inform your instructor if you will miss a class meeting. You are responsible for any class information you missed. We suggest you arrange with a fellow classmate to share their notes when feasible.

Course Requirements
Internet required to retreive course materials.
Sat Aug 29, 2020
10:00AM PDT - 12:00PM PDT

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