Dramedy TV III

SCRIPT X 422.7

Discover what makes the dramedy more than the sum of its parts in this workshop where you articulate your series idea and outline your pilot.


What you can learn.

  • Learn how to balance dramatic and comedic elements to craft a true hybrid genre work
  • Pitch your story idea, refine it through feedback, and develop your pilot’s plot
  • Focus on character development that highlights inner conflict as part of your series plan
  • Give and receive feedback on work from your peers in the class

About this course:

With the rising popularity of the dramedy in today’s TV landscape, the opportunities for stories in this hybrid genre have never been greater for storytellers. In this course, many misconceptions of what a dramedy is will be dispelled while exploring the boundaries of what's possible within the format. A dramedy pilot is not just drama with some comedic elements or a comedy with serious subject matter. A true dramedy requires equal parts of both distinct genres in plot elements, including a deep emphasis on character development and inner conflict to enrich the story. By the end of the course, you have a solid understanding of how to combine drama and comedy genres and complete an outline for a one-hour or half-hour limited or open-ended series that best exemplifies the story you want to write.
SCRIPT X 421.1 Half-Hour TV I and SCRIPT X 421.2 Half-Hour TV II; or SCRIPT X 421.3 One-Hour TV I and SCRIPT X 421.4 One-Hour TV II; or SCRIPT X 421.1N Half-Hour TV Intensive I and SCRIPT X 421.2N Half-Hour TV Intensive II; or SCRIPT X 421.3N One-Hour TV Intensive I and SCRIPT X 421.4N One-Hour TV Intensive II; or department approval.

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