How to Format Your Script Like a Pro

SCRIPT 726.9

Upgrade your professional screenwriting skills in this practical course covering the basics, tips, and tricks of successful formatting.

Remote Instruction
Starting at $30.00
As few as 1 day

What you can learn.

  • Learn how to format the various elements of a script by industry standards
  • Understand how formatting relates to the clarity and succinct writing
  • Identify red flags that might turn professional readers away from your work
  • Get insight into advanced writing techniques that cue filmmakers to employ your story vision

About this course:

Screenplay formatting is an industry standard practice that allows a writer to accurately communicate their stories to directors, actors, producers, executives and other Hollywood professionals in this collaborative medium. Without adhering to this standard, scripts become indecipherable and distract the reader from the story, characters, and world you are trying to convey. In this course, you learn how to properly format scene headings, action/exposition lines, characters, dialogue, parentheticals and transitions. But even with screenwriting software, writers still struggle with the intricacies of formatting as it relates to clarity, succinctness, and the reader’s emotional experience. You also learn how to spot formatting red flags that prejudge your script as amateurish, and explore advanced techniques that help you direct and edit on the page without the use of camera directions and other technical jargon.

Summer 2021 Schedule

Available Format(s):

Remote instruction courses are taught online in real-time with regularly scheduled class meetings held via Zoom. Course materials can be accessed any time through an online learning platform.

Saturday 10:00AM PT - 1:00PM PT
Location: Online
Instructor: Karl Iglesias
37 days left. Enroll by Jul 31, 2021
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Early enrollment required.

This course uses remote instruction. As such, instructors use Zoom to offer live class meetings at the designated class meeting time. Students must be present at course meeting times as each student’s final grade may include scores for participation.

Refund Deadline
No refunds after July 30, 2021
Course Requirements
Internet access required to retrieve course materials.
Sat Jul 31, 2021
10:00AM PT - 1:00PM PT

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