It Takes Two: Relationship Driven Screenwriting, from Star-Crossed Lovers to Buddy Cops

FILM TV X 474.1
Build powerful stories by placing character relationships at the center for your script.

What you will learn.

  • Build an active story with meaningful characters while letting a primary relationship form the backbone of your script
  • Write effective dialogue that makes characters unique and realistic
  • Craft a full story outline and complete the first 30 pages of a script

About this course:

All movies are about people with feelings, problems, desires, and, most of all, relationships. Beneath any good script is a core relationship that makes us want to go on a journey, no matter where it leads, because we want to see where these two characters will end up. It’s an element at the heart of every genre and story type, from the obvious--buddy cops, star-crossed lovers--to ones that take more creative routes, like a lonely man on a desert island, talking to a volleyball (Tom Hanks in Castaway). When you let this relationship drive your screenwriting process, it allows you to build an active story, develop meaningful characters, write effective dialogue, and deliver a theme, all by way of that important, central vehicle. By the end of the course, you craft a full story outline and write the first 30 pages of your script, launching yourself and that core relationship toward something incredible.

Suggested Prerequisites

It is advisable that you complete the following (or equivalent) since they are prerequisites for It Takes Two: Relationship Driven Screenwriting, from Star-Crossed Lovers to Buddy Cops.

X 440A Writing the First Screenplay I, X 440B Writing the First Screenplay II, X 440C Writing the First Screenplay III, and X 440D Writing the First Screenplay IV, or departmental approval.

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