Script Doctoring for Television

SCRIPT X 426.4

Learn how script doctors apply skill to TV pilots and series bibles to improve content and highlight the unique elements of each story.


What you can learn.

  • Discover the role of the script doctor within the development and production process
  • Learn to highlight for viewers what the series will be about, as well as the unique traits of the main character
  • Get tips on how to enhance the world of the story to engage audiences
  • Participate in lectures, script analyses, readings and workshops to perfect your skills

About this course:

We’re in the golden era of television. There’s never been more work for writers out there than these days. Which means many writers are trying to break in. And they need help! That’s where TV Script Doctors come in–they help writers finesse their work in order to get it optioned, sold, sent to competitions, etc. TV Script Doctors also work as TV consultants, help develop storylines, or make last minute changes. They’re the unsung heroes of the development process. And in this course, we learn how to analyze TV pilots–including their Bibles–how to give notes that go beyond the pilot episode and can show that the potential series has legs, how to best structure TV pilots to truly make the protagonist shine, how to show what the show will be about, how to make sure the pilot is a real episode template and not a premise pilot, how to flesh out the supporting characters, how to enhance the world of the story, how to make the pilot feel topical and contemporary, how to help writers polish their Pitch Decks to make them stand out, and how to make a career as a TV Script Doctor. Through the use of lectures, script analysis, readings, and workshops, students get to experience and practice the art of script doctoring, and gain practical experience they can apply in the industry. 

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