Writing Animation


Get an overview of the entire animation script writing process from concept to completion.


What you can learn.

  • Learn the building blocks of good animation writing, including story, character, and dialogue
  • Pitch a story and craft an outline to develop into a polished script
  • Hear from guest speakers working in animation who can advise you on how to develop your career
  • Write a spec script in the voice and style of an existing series

About this course:

Animation is a fully creative universe without limits on sets, costumes, or special effects. All it takes is your imagination and the willingness to jump into a field friendly to new talent. This course guides you through the entire TV and Internet animation script writing process, starting with the building blocks of good writing: story structure, character development, and sharp dialogue. You then write your spec script, learning how to find the voice and style of a particular show, pitch stories, create solid outlines, write the first draft, and deal with notes and changes. The course goal is to complete a polished sample script. Guest speakers include show runners, producers, and executives who discuss how to break in; what agents do and don't do; the process of getting your script bought and produced; how to connect with artists that can make your vision visual; and how to have a satisfying career in a field where your imagination is free.

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