Writing Your First Streaming TV Series


Learn to develop a scripted TV series in the era of streaming services in this course designed to help jumpstart your original concept.


What you can learn.

  • Understand how viewer behavior in streaming environments should inform your series
  • Identify your unique vision or format with in-depth storytelling
  • Work toward developing a pitch deck for your series
  • Get input on your creative concepts and how to develop them into irresistible shows

About this course:

Developing a new scripted television or streaming series is more exciting than ever. 2021 saw 559 original series in the US. Just one decade earlier there were less than half that number. For writers, this means the demand for original scripted series is hotter than ever.  It used to be the high concept, a.k.a., easy to pitch series was every writer’s goal. Pitches sounded something like: “She’s a regular girl in high school who just happens to be the vampire slayer.” With the advent of streaming services, audience viewing habits have changed dramatically. We now binge watch and can stream any genre we want at any given time, day or night, whether it be fall, summer, winter, or spring. Writers are now encouraged to pitch series beyond the high concept. Series with a unique vision or format and more depth in storytelling are welcome and sought after. This course teaches the basics of how to develop a scripted series in the current TV and streaming landscape. Students conceive creative ideas and develop them into viable series formats and concepts with the goal of having a pitch deck in hand by the end of the course. If you have been wanting to make your own original series, this course starts you on your way.

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