Your Successful Television Pilot

SCRIPT 726.10

Get an overview of what’s happening in scripted television today as you find ways to refine your own pilot and series idea for the market.

Remote Instruction
As few as 1 day

What you can learn.

  • Review current pilots across genres that have achieved success
  • Identify common structural and storytelling elements of successful series
  • Formulate and refine your own pilot script idea
  • Get insight from professionals on how to thrive in the complex television industry

About this course:

There is a plethora of new and exciting shows being released in this current television era.  For a new writer, the sheer amount of genres and the type of shows can be overwhelming and you might find yourself at a loss in determining the best way to convey the story you wish to tell.  In this course you get a brief overview of some current pilots selected across genres, but demonstrate that regardless of the type, setting, and world of a show, the most successful pilots have certain structural and storytelling elements in common.  You learn how to formulate and refine an idea for your own pilot script and also receive advice on how to survive the inevitable rough spots you will face in a career in television.   

Summer 2021 Schedule

Available Format(s):

Remote instruction courses are taught online in real-time with regularly scheduled class meetings held via Zoom. Course materials can be accessed any time through an online learning platform.

Future Offering (Opens July 24, 2021 12:00:00 AM)
Saturday 10:00AM PT - 1:00PM PT
Location: Online
Instructor: Charlie Craig
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Early enrollment required.

This course uses remote instruction. As such, instructors use Zoom to offer a live class meeting at the designated time. Students must be present at course meeting time to participate in the class.

Course Requirements
Internet access required to retrieve course materials.
Sat Aug 7, 2021
10:00AM PT - 1:00PM PT

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