The Map of American Music

GENINT 721.538
Osher (50+). This course examines how Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop, Folk, Country, Hip Hop, Rap and many more American music genres evolved in the USA. Audio, video, commentary, demonstration and personal recollection are presented.

What you can learn.

  • Identify major US music genres
  • Understand the evolution of major US music genres
  • Identify common elements across various music genres

About this course:

Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop, Folk, Country, Hip Hop, Rap and many more kinds of music all evolved in the USA. Some of these genres have common roots stemming from geographic location, ethnic populations, personal history, wars and immigration (by choice and not). They progressed along different paths but as they grew up they influenced one another, comingled, sometimes finding their common ground and giving rise to yet newer and different styles or genres. Through audio, video, commentary, demonstration and personal recollection, this class looks at the map of American music through a wide-angle lens, connecting the dots of its musical history and development.

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