Nine Stages of Business Development to Land the Work You Want

MGMT 760.13

Learn to build relationships that lead to new projects with current clients, create satisfying, inclusive communication on current projects, and generate brand new work from prospects.


What you can learn.

  • Learn to set clear, meaningful goals relative to business development
  • Identify the variety of benefits that may be gained from business development activities
  • Build the characteristics and traits of successful business development professionals
  • Develop self-motivation and self-confidence in the pursuit of business development
  • Learn to advocate for resources, including the use of adequate time and financial investment in relationship building
  • Employ successful strategies to gain the maximum benefit from outreach and networking

About this course:

Do you want a systematic approach to creating relationships that 1) lead to new projects with current clients, 2) create satisfying, inclusive communication on current projects, or 3) generate brand new work from prospects? With our roadmap, you can easily engage in the nine “linking interactions” that ignite interest from clients or prospects, garner honest assessments, spur problem-solving, and produce decisions. As an ambassador for your firm, you want an ethical, enjoyable and proven method to project a positive, professional image and successfully coordinate presentations with your teammates. This map is great for decision-makers, especially those with authority to “greenlight” projects. This course is offered fully online and is self-study without an instructor.

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