Our grading system, to the letter.

UCLA Extension uses the following grading scale, however not all grades options in the table below are available for all courses. Check your syllabus for grade options available to you. If you prefer to be graded by a different option, please contact our Enrollment Services team.  All grades (except Incomplete) are final when filed by your instructor and may be modified by the suffixes + or -. You can access your grades through our Student Portal.

Grade - Description Academic Credit Earned? Appears on Transcript Appears on Student Portal Only
A - Excellent  
B - Good  
C - Fair  
D - Barely Passing  
F - Failure    
P - Passed (work which would otherwise earn a grade of "C" or better in undergraduate level classes)  
NP - Not Passed (less than "C" in undergraduate level classes)    
S - Satisfactory (work which would otherwise earn a grade of 'B' or better in graduate/professional level classes)  
U - Unsatisfactory (less than 'B' in graduate/professional level classes)    
CEU - Continuing Education Units earned    
N - Not for Credit    
 I - Incomplete    
DR - Deferred Report (Student Rights and Responsibilities)    
IP - Course in Progress (grade pending)   ✔ (if requested)  
W - Withdrawal    
FF - Failed (did not take the final exam)    
FN - Failed (did not attend)    
NR - Do Not Record    

Incomplete (I) Grades
UCLA Extension students may petition their instructor to record an Incomplete (I) grade when the student’s work is of passing quality but a portion of the work of the course is incomplete for a good reason, such as illness. UCLA Extension instructors may grant students up to one quarter to make up an Incomplete. After one quarter—or sooner if required by your instructor—an Incomplete automatically transitions to a failing grade if the work is not complete). 

Passed (P) and Not Passed (NP) Grades
The University of California prohibits using Passed or Not Passed credit for degree-seeking students to:

  • Make up a deficiency, such as grade point average or subject credit
  • Use as evidence of ability to study at university level
  • Correct probationary or dismissal status
  • Repeat a course in which a grade of D or F was received
  • Fulfill prerequisite requirements, except as specifically authorized

For more information on grading, view policy "AA121 Credit Grading and the Continuing Education Unit" on our policies page, under the Academic Affairs tab.

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