Requirements Management and Communications

MGMT X 430.714

This courses hones the business analyst skills required for successful project outcomes: collaboration, internal negotiation, motivation, and integration of analytical, verbal and written communication.

Starting at $765.00
As few as 11 weeks

What you can learn.

  • Learn how to communicate technical concepts to a varying audience such as hierarchical positions and internal support departments
  • Gain knowledge on how to build effective work teams and manage conflicts
  • Learn how to transform a collection of raw elicited requirements statements into complete and correct sets of requirements

About this course:

This courses hones the business analyst skills in verbal and written communication in the context of building effective work groups and bringing forward recommendation(s) for acceptance and post-completion evaluation. Business analysts, in addition to their analytical skills, must work as collaborators, internal negotiators, motivators, and integrators for successful outcomes. Additionally, this key role requires the expertise and skills for communicating technical concepts to a varying audience, such as professional groups, hierarchical positions, or internal support departments. This course will teach you how to build effective work teams, guide them toward high potential pay-off outcomes while managing conflicts, issues and changes resulting in stakeholder agreements on the solution scope, and needed changes. A thorough understanding of the processes of requirements analysis, management, and communication is covered, which will enable you to transform a collection of raw elicited requirements statements into complete and correct sets of requirements. This complete set of requirements will in turn help you effectively guide the development of your processes and system solutions. Other topics include examining tools and techniques for modeling system requirements, negotiating controversial issues with stakeholders, and documenting the requirements and supporting the review and approval of the solution requirements. 

Summer 2020 Schedule

Available Format(s):

These courses are fully online and have no regular meeting times.

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24 days left. Enroll by Jun 22, 2020
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Enrollment limited; early enrollment advised. Visitors not permitted. Internet access required. 

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No refunds after June 26, 2020
Course Requirements
Internet access required.

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