Customer Research, Prospecting and Planning

MGMT X 460.55

Knowing your audience is key for any sales professionals. For those interested in sales careers, learn how to leverage data and research to improve prospects and sales for business in this course.


What you can learn.

  • Investigate sources of customer data, the current state of data management technology, and how customer information can impact sales strategies
  • Analyze market research reports, and identify key categories of relevant information to build customer profiles and inform strategy
  • Explore various customer relationship management (CRM) systems and tools
  • Align selling skills/programs to specific target industries/audiences

About this course:

This course investigates sources of customer data, the state of data management technology and the contribution that current and accurate customer information can make in developing and changing sales strategies. Students gain an appreciation of data leveraging or the use of customer insights to produce winning selling strategies. Specific market research reports are analyzed while serving as jumping off points for developing initial sales plans. Key categories of relevant information are discussed and sources of analytical potential client information are studied and utilized. Students work with the technical tools of market research, including the on demand segmentation and research systems from the A. C. Nielsen Company, the CRM system and digital prospecting. Focus is on strategic sales account management and the prospecting and appreciation of differences in customer relationship management strategies. Special attention is paid to Internet and social media prospecting tools as well as how to learn from listening to social media conversations/customer evaluations. Learn to validate high priority customer segments and use today's tools that help in validation. The course includes aligning selling skills, practices and programs to specific target industries, companies or target consumer groups. Various corporate sales strategies for both consumer and business sales will be explored. This course is intended to begin the integration of market research with competitive sales situations and is primarily intended for students interested in sales careers.
MGMT X 460.16 Principles of Professional Selling.

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