Choosing and Using a Digital Camera

ART 730.26

Interested in photography but not sure what type of camera to buy? This free workshop covers the ins and outs of digital cameras, from point-and-shoot to prosumer models. Learn what make and model will best fit your creative goals. 


What you can learn.

  • Gain an overview of the different types of digital camera
  • Understand what type of digital camera is best for you and your creative goals
  • Identify the most important features to consider when buying a digital camera

About this course:

This free workshop is for anyone interested in digital photography or planning on buying a digital camera. Instruction covers the most important features to consider when purchasing a digital camera and basic camera settings for getting ready to capture your best creative vision. Compare different digital camera types from point-and-shoot to prosumer models, understand settings for image quality and resolution, lens considerations, file formats, image storage and other unique considerations of digital photography.

Note: This course is recommended for students who will be choosing a camera prior to taking Photography I.

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