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This certificate program is designed to help students learn to develop software applications using high-level programming languages.
Learn essential cybersecurity skills in our 4-course Cybersecurity Certificate. Quickly gain the knowledge you need to protect your technology infrastructure from physical and virtual threats.
Learn to leverage the power of big data to extract insights and improve decision making for real-world problems. Gain hands-on experience in data management and visualization, machine learning, statistical models, and more for a career in data science.
This certificate is designed for information technology professionals who would like to develop and support database management systems. This certificate provides training in creating and maintaining databases based on fundamentals of relational database, and Structured Query Language (SQL).
This five-course, fully online certificate is developed in partnership with UCLA Department of Geography. It provides a comprehensive foundation of knowledge and skills associated with geographic information systems (GIS). It teaches computer-based mapping and spatial analysis techniques with hands-on, project-based instruction using industry-standard GIS software platforms. Upon completion of the program, participants will be prepared for a GIS job and/or integrate GIS technologies into their current professions. 
This certificate introduces students to the Linux/UNIX operating system. The certificate is an immersive, hands-on program that includes lab courses covering the main features of the Linux/Unix operating system with an emphasis on local and network system administration functions.
This certificate is designed for professionals who would like to specialize in network operating system administration. The program is based on Linux/Unix OS and Microsoft OS and covers all aspects of network requirements analysis, design, installation, operation, support, security, and management.
This certificate provides training in analysis and design of information systems. The program prepares students to perform information systems requirements analysis, design, development, installation, and operation as well as testing and documentation. Courses include computer network communication protocol TCP/IP, database management, network security, and operating systems.
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