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This course is part of the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science (HSSEAS) Master of Science in Engineering Online (MSOL) program.  It is available only to students pre-approved by HSSEAS. For more information visit
COM SCI X 418.735B
This course provides new developers unfamiliar with the C++ language the knowledge and skills to develop C++ applications using the Microsoft .NET platform. This course focuses on C++ program structure, language syntax, and more.
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ENGR X 457.55
Designing and programming embedded systems require careful coordination between hardware and firmware. This course is hands-on with hardware components and with firmware that directly manipulates the hardware.
COM SCI 900.001
Designed to provide rigorous, fast-paced, hands-on training in theory and application of full-stack web development. It will provide skills that are required to build and implement dynamic end-to-end web applications.
COM SCI X 414.20
This course provides an introduction to computer programming and software development covering C, C#, Java, Visual Basic, and shell scripting. Great for individuals pursuing programming and software development.
Format: Online | Remote Instruction
COM SCI X 418.104F
This course is a hands-on introduction to writing applications for Android devices, focusing on language syntax and object-oriented concepts. Build Android applications, learn how to create user interfaces, and more.
Format: Online
COM SCI X 418.102AB
Understand HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Together, they provide the foundation on which web pages are built. HTML labels types of information, CSS specifies how that information will look.
Format: Online
COM SCI X 418.104G
Develop Android User Interfaces using Android Fragments, retrieving and handling information from the web in apps, background threading techniques, and more.
This course will provide an introduction to computer science via theory, applications, and programming.
Format: Online
Gain an understanding of modern programming by learning the principles of object-oriented and generic programming.
COM SCI X 419.39
This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of the PHP scripting language that dynamically controls the presentation of web pages based on user input and data stored on a server.
COM SCI X 414.61
Structured Query Language (SQL) is a standard computer language for accessing and manipulating database systems. For those with little or no experience, this hands-on course covers basic SQL syntax for updating a database.
Format: Online | Remote Instruction
COM SCI X 418.85A
This course presents the fundamentals of programming using Java and covers object-oriented programming, constructors, flow control statements, data types, inheritance, data hiding, abstraction, and the Java library.
Format: Online | Remote Instruction
COM SCI X 418.100
Java II examines more advanced object-oriented programming; collections and generics; graphical user interface design; threading and asynchronous processing; and files, streams, database usage, and object serialization.
Format: Online
COM SCI X 418.85C
Java Programming III examines Java enterprise applications; Java servlets and Java server pages, session management, Spring framework, Web services; data persistence, hibernate ORM, and security.
Format: Remote Instruction | Online
COM SCI X 418.88B
The course provides an introduction to recursion, prototype-based inheritance, extension of built-in JavaScript objects, and an approach to data validation that students can use as a model for their own applications.
Format: Online
COM SCI X 418.735
This course provides new developers unfamiliar with the C# language the knowledge and skills to develop C# applications using the Microsoft .NET platform. Focusing on C# program structure, language syntax, and more.
Format: Online | Remote Instruction
COM SCI X 418.735A
This course covers intermediate-level topics in Microsoft application development, building a complete client-server database application using a Microsoft SQL Server database and a Windows desktop client application.
Format: Online | Hybrid
COM SCI X 457.56
Learn how to program in Python on the Linux operating system on Raspberry Pi boards. Students will write programs in Python and connect basic electronic designs to the board. Once connected, they will learn to use Python to interface with their own electronics.
Format: Online
COM SCI X 457.55B
This hands-on course provides an introduction to FPGA design using Verilog. Topics include the Verilog language, simulation, test benches, synthesis, implementation, and downloading to the target board.
COM SCI X 418.102A
This course provides a hands-on introduction to using Adobe's Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Animate for creating web content. These programs are the choice of many web professionals and each provides unique capabilities.
Format: Online | Remote Instruction
COM SCI X 418.104D
Learn the fundamentals for developing on the iOS platform. Get an overview of the Objective-C language and the details of the UIKit, as well as several frameworks essential for development on iOS platforms.
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