TESOL Supervised Teaching Experience

EDUC X 425.06

This online course offers opportunities for professional development through guided teaching practice in English Language Teaching (ELT).


What you can learn.

  • Learn how to build your teaching philosophy
  • Analyze a lesson plan and implementation for improvement
  • Practice writing a diversity statement that demonstrates how your cultural perspectives and methods impact your teaching of diverse students
  • Demonstrate a grammar activity
  • Discover how to incorporate instructional technologies in designing and implementing lesson plans

About this course:

The course focuses on supervision of students in linking theoretical knowledge in applied linguistics to effective pedagogies for teaching new speakers of English/emergent bilinguals in an authentic teaching environment. Content builds upon courses in the TESOL certificate with a focus on self and peer observation, teacher professional development in ELT, improving teaching practice, and fostering sociocultural and racial awareness in language teaching. Students will apply what they already know from the field of TESOL to the guided teaching practice in this course. Students will have practice opportunities that draw from each certificate course. For example, students will write a diversity statement that demonstrates how their cultural perspectives and methods impact their teaching of diverse students; students will build on their teaching philosophy by reflecting on their recorded teaching demonstrations and lesson plan materials: students will build on their foundational linguistics’ knowledge by demonstrating a grammar activity with their peers; and they will incorporate instructional technologies in designing and implementing lesson plans. For this course, students are required to find their own field site where they can practice and apply their ELT teaching skills.
Students who wish to take this course must have completed a TESOL methods course at UCLA Extension or elsewhere. Professional-level English language proficiency is required in the following areas: listening and note-taking; reading comprehension and vocabulary; written expression and oral presentation.

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