Single Subject Methods for Teaching Mathematics

EDUC X 330.55

This online methods course satisfies California requirements for teachers who want to add Single Subject Mathematics to their current general education teaching credential.

Starting at $725.00
As few as 8 weeks

What you will learn.

  • Plan, implement, and assess instruction using California’s adopted standards and curriculum for mathematics
  • Develop and demonstrate mastery of subject-specific pedagogy appropriate at the middle school and high school levels
  • Differentiate instruction to make content accessible to all students, including English learners

About this course:

This course is designed to prepare secondary math candidates to effectively plan and deliver the state-adopted academic content standards for students in mathematics (grades 7-12). The candidate has multiple opportunities to learn, practice, and reflect upon mathematics-specific pedagogical knowledge and skills in order to enable students to understand basic mathematical computations, concepts, and symbols to solve common problems and novel problems; help students solve real-world problems using mathematical reasoning and concrete, verbal, symbolic, and graphic representations; provide a secure environment for taking intellectual risks and approaching problems in multiple ways; model and encourage students to use multiple ways of approaching mathematical problems; encourage discussion of different solution strategies; foster positive attitudes toward mathematics; and encourage student curiosity, flexibility, and persistence in solving mathematical problems. The course also helps students in grades 7-12 to understand mathematics as a logical system that includes definitions, axioms, and theorems; understand and use mathematical notation and advanced symbols; and assign and assess work through progress monitoring and summative assessments that include illustrations of student thinking such as open-ended questions, investigations, and projects.
CA General Education Teaching Credential (Multiple Subject or Single Subject)

Summer 2023 Schedule

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Instructor: Allison Leggett
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ENROLL BY: Jun 26, 2023
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Internet access required.

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