Aircraft Stability and Control

MECH&AE 730.40

The objective of this webinar is to introduce the subject of Flight Mechanics, as applied to fixed-wing aircraft, with emphasis on Stability and Control.


What you can learn.

  • Gain an understanding of design requirements and metrics related to Aircraft Flying Qualities
  • Receive an overview of aerodynamics principles
  • Identify the aspects of aircraft stability and control, both static and dynamic
  • Engage in discussions of important design features and how they impact aircraft stability levels

About this course:

The primary objective of this webinar is to introduce the subject of Flight Mechanics, as applied to atmospheric, fixed-wing, flight vehicles, with emphasis on Stability and Control. An introduction of the principles of aerodynamics will be offered before shifting focus onto Aircraft Stability and Control. Specific topics that will be covered include stability axis systems, linearized longitudinal and lateral-directional equations of motion and their practical applications, static and dynamic stability, longitudinal and lateral-directional modal characteristics, Flying Qualities design requirements, and Handling Qualities assessments, including Pilot-in-the-Loop simulation tests and pilot rating scales. The importance of key parameters and design features will be further highlighted, citing real-world examples that are based on the instructor’s extensive experience in the aerospace industry.

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