Build Your Resilience and Cultivate Happiness

MGMT 715.08

This timely and interactive workshop will explore our current epidemic of burnout and stress, and introduce how positive psychology and practicing happiness can optimize Resilience, Creativity, and Productivity.


What you can learn.

  • Better understand the difference between burnout and stress
  • Identify up at least three tools you can implement into your own life to increase your overall happiness and resilience
  • Understand how to re-wire negative thought processes
  • Practice easy-to-do stress-management techniques

About this course:

We could all use a bit of happiness these days. In the past couple years, many of us have felt an extra burden of stress, worry and burnout. Both stress and burnout can have a profound effect on us both physically and mentally and even impact our overall productivity. The good news is that there are things that we can do to help us manage stress and burnout, and even help us achieve greater overall happiness and well-being. Please join us for a 60-minute interactive workshop where we discuss specific techniques to decrease the impact of stress, reduce burnout, and increase our overall resilience and happiness.

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