EMI/EMC Compatibility Design and Signal Integrity

EC ENGR 870.200

This course will teach you how to design printed circuit assemblies & enclosures for EMI-EMC compliance including IOT and 5G. This course will be held virtually via Adobe Connect.

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About this course:

If you are a design engineer, it pays for you to know how and why EMI testing is conducted, as well as the typical causes of failure.  This course offers all of the EMI information you’ll need to design compliant Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and your end item—including design considerations at CAE and CAD levels—for you to provide a compliant radiation/susceptibility product.  You’ll examine ways to prevent common EMI/EMC problems regarding power supplies, cables, connectors, slots, discontinuity of ground planes and more.  This three-day class will focus on EMI and RFI issues regarding PCBs, computers, analog designs and systems, along with relevant EMI regulations in the U.S., the European Union and Asia.  Highlights include PCB radiation basics, radiation and bypass on PCBs, PCB radiation suppression techniques, grounding designs/filtering, crosstalk/termination, power and ground planes, antenna loops, spread spectrum clocking, and differential mode and common-mode radiation. 

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Instructor: Robert Hanson
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