Receiving and Giving Feedback: Helping You and Others Get Better

MGMT 815.05

Learn how to effectively receive and give feedback.


What you can learn.

  • Understand how to effectively find the truth in every piece of feedback and how to integrate it into your personal growth
  • Determine steps to take to set expectations so that feedback can be well-received by others
  • Leverage your learning in receiving feedback into being an effective feedback provider
  • Identify steps to create a feedback plan

About this course:

Feedback is a difficult topic. It’s hard to receive and hard to give. In this course, we will learn the art of effective feedback by first understanding how to effectively receive feedback, and then applying these lessons to the art of giving feedback. We will examine the things that get in the way of receiving feedback well, and understand how cultivating a curious mind and a growth mindset can help you effectively integrate whatever feedback you receive. We will also talk about setting expectations appropriately so that when you give feedback, it is well received and achieves its intended goals. Finally, students will create a feedback plan to take effective action when the course is completed.

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