Linear Dynamic Systems


This course is part of the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science (HSSEAS) Master of Science in Engineering Online (MSOL) program.  It is available only to students pre-approved by HSSEAS. For more information visit 


About this course:

MAE M270A Linear Dynamic Systems (Instructor: M’Closkey, R.) (Same as Chemical Engineering M280A and Electrical Engi­neering M240A.) Lecture, four hours; outside study, eight hours. Requisite: course 171A or Electrical En­gineering 141. State-space description of linear time-invariant (LTI) and time-varying (LTV) systems in con­tinuous and discrete time. Linear algebra concepts such as eigenvalues and eigenvectors, singular values, Cayley/Hamilton theorem, Jordan form; solu­tion of state equations; stability, controllability, ob­servability, realizability, and minimality. Stabilization design via state feedback and observers; separation principle. Connections with transfer function tech­niques. Letter grading.

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