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UCLA Extension is deeply committed to the advancement and enrichment of Los Angeles and the Southern California region. Our continuing education programs are designed to help individuals grow—whether it’s exploring an interest, developing skills or shifting careers. The program practices exactly what UCLA always teaches: Never stop learning.

Financial gifts can be made to in a variety of ways.  

The easiest way for you to make a gift to UCLA Extension is to give online. 

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Tax ID# 95-2250801

The easiest way for you to make a gift to UCLA Extension is to give online. 


Cash gifts–whether check or credit card–are critically important to the University, because they can be put to work immediately, increasing their impact and extending their reach.

Make your check payable to The UCLA Foundation

Mail check to: 
UCLA Foundation
PO Box 7145
Pasadena, CA 91109-9903

*Indicate on check that gift is for UCLA Extension

Any stock gift transfer request should be emailed to or by fax (310) 208-4070 prior to transferring securities as donor information does not transmit through the DTC wiring system.

Wire instructions for cash gifts to UCLA Foundation should be emailed to or by fax (310) 208-4070. If you have any questions please call our securities coordinator at (310) 794-3434.

The easiest way to double–or even triple–your contribution to UCLA Extension is to request a match from your employer.

Some companies match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses. Find out if your organization will match your gift by checking our database of matching gift companies. You will receive credit for your matching gifts for the purposes of recognition and benefits. For receipting and tax reasons, the matched portion of the gift must be recorded on the organization’s record.


Appreciated stocks and bonds are, next to cash, the most popular assets donated to UCLA Extension by alumni and friends. Securities can be transferred directly from your brokerage account to the school’s account. A gift of assets/securities may include several tax benefits for the donor. Please consult your tax advisor for additional information.

In writing a will or living trust, donors can specify that they would like their estate to benefit UCLA Extension. Donors who wish to have their gifts managed by The UCLA Foundation must specifically state in their wills or living trusts that their gifts be made to The UCLA Foundation.


Real property, either in its entirety or in part, can be deeded to The UCLA Foundation to benefit UCLA Extension. For residential properties, it is possible to arrange a sizable tax deduction by deeding a home to UCLA Extension, while continuing to occupy the property for life.

Donors may transfer money, securities, or real estate in trust to the University and receive income for themselves or another, for life. Donors may receive immediate tax benefits, and ultimately UCLA Extension receives the trust property.

UCLA Extension gratefully accepts donations of materials that support the academic and teaching mission of Extension. The University receives a wide variety of such gifts, including rare books and manuscripts, works of art, equipment and other items of value.

Naming UCLA Extension as a beneficiary of your qualified retirement plan (IRA, KEOGH, 401(k) or 403(b)) may be particularly advantageous; doing so may result in more assets being passed on to your heirs than if you make a bequest from other funds in your estate.

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