Medical Assistant Fundamentals of Practice & Lab: Clinical Skills/ Procedures for Medical Assistants II

MED X 411.3

This course is Part 2 in a 3-part series that covers foundations for clinical practice for medical assistants. Student learn vital signs, patient intake and documentation principles, and principles of disease and infections.


Please note: This course is restricted to students admitted to the UCLA Health Medical Assistant Program only.

What you can learn.

  • Use of proper procedure and equipment to accurately measure and assess vital signs
  • Recognize normal vital sign values associated with various age groups
  • Describe factors that can influence vital signs
  • Assist in patient examinations and procedures
  • Understand the importance and proper use of Personal Protective Equipment
  • Recognize and take proper Standard Precaution to decrease infection and possible exposure

About this course:

This course will build upon Medical Assistant Fundamentals 1 and focus on preparing students for a successful transition into their Externship. Experiential learning experiences will include high fidelity patient simulations and clinical rotations at an ambulatory practice site. Content will include, blood draws and related testing procedures, assisting in the gynecologic examination, pediatric examination, physical examination and other office procedures including how to perform an EKG, and how to perform wound care.

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