American Studies

EDUC X 470

Specifically designed for Au Pairs, this course explores U.S. history and culture with embedded English-language study.


What you can learn.

  • Learn U.S history to the Civil War and Reconstruction
  • Explore U.S. economics and geography
  • Discover arts in the U.S.
  • Get an overview of U.S. literature
  • Practice English-language reading and writing

About this course:

This 19-week course, specifically designed for au pairs who are required to continue their education as a part of their experience in the U.S., is offered in a blended format--partially a media-rich, self-paced online environment and partially an instructor-led, cohort-based model. Successful participants receive six credit units. Participants read lessons, write, share resources, network with one another, and collaborate on special projects, as well as explore web links, play games, and take virtual field trips, all designed to further their understanding of U.S. culture. The interdisciplinary course of study includes U.S. History: (from the arrival of Columbus to the end of the 20th Century), which have mini-modules that explore the concepts and events in closer detail; English-language study, including weekly reading and writing exercises; arts in the U.S., including virtual field trips and activities reflective of historical eras studied by participants; and U.S. literature: the readings which reflect the eras studied in the U.S. history module.

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