Aaron Clark

Aaron Philip Clark

Aaron Clark, M.F.A., novelist and screenwriter from Los Angeles. Mr. Clark is author of four novels including The Science of Paul: A Novel of Crime, A Healthy Fear of Man, The Furious Way and Under Color Of Law which was inspired by his experiences in the LAPD.

Instructor Statement:

Novelist Jo Nesbø said, “Crime fiction is a genre for writing stories about people—about conflict, about guilt, about passion, about the human condition.” Successful crime fiction doesn’t solely rely on riveting plots but features three-dimensional characters who exemplify the human condition. My goal is to help you create characters and plots that work seamlessly to convey the themes that embody your work. Together we will explore the process of crafting rich, layered and engaging storylines that will resonate with readers. From prewriting techniques and exercises intended to fuel your creativity to writing clever dialogue packed with subtext, you will grow as a writer and deepen your understanding of the crime fiction genre. And, of course, it’s deviously fun thinking of crimes and mysteries that will keep readers guessing until the end!

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