Andrew Knauer

Andrew Knauer

Instructor Biography:

MFA, screenwriter; WGA member who wrote The Last Stand, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger; Castle Falls starring Dolph Lundgren and Scott Adkins; and Senior Year, starring Rebel Wilson. 

Instructor Statement:

Writing a feature length screenplay can be a daunting task, for novice and expert alike. We live with our ideas for as long as it takes us to write them. We’re haunted by their flaws until we find ways to overcome them. From conceit to completed screenplay, every step along the way presents a unique challenge. My class is designed to provide you with the tools you need to shape your idea through the beginning middle and end, into an engaging story. You’ll learn the key elements of the craft and more importantly how to incorporate these concepts into your work. Class is designed to help each student get the most of out their ideas. I’ll help you figure out what works for best you so the process is as rewarding as possible. I’ll provide you with feedback and constructive criticism on your way to creating a compelling outline that you can be proud of.

Instructor Schedule
Summer 2024

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