Bill Taub

Bill Taub

Instructor Biography:

Screenwriter; WGA and WGC member who won an WGA Award for 101 Best Written TV Series including Barney Miller and Hill Street Blues. He has also written for Relic Hunter; Mission Genesis; The Odyssey; Dark Shadows; and Friday the 13th: The Series. Mr. Taub aired his web series Psycho Babble for Strike TV and is rewriting the Jumping Green Things for Assorted Nuts. 

Instructor Statement:

The more I study the work of those I admire most, the one thing that becomes apparent is that they either didn't know all the rules, or they ignored them. It's their innocence, their originality, their freshness that have made their work such a tremendous success. Whether it's the most recent work of David Kelley, David Milch, or Larry David (the confederacy of "Davids" as I call them), and now J. J. Abrams, they didn't know what they weren't supposed to do--didn't know what they didn't know. For me, the most fun I have writing, and the best chance I have of getting anything done or looked at, is trying to be as original as possible. It doesn't have to be"high art"--I love experimenting with various genres and ways to execute the same idea, the same story, as in the movie Memento. So my mantra nowadays, which I keep on my wall and would like to impart to others is: The first rule is...there are no rules!


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