Brian Cunningham

Brian Cunningham

Instructor Bio:

Writer/producer/editor for comic book and entertainment business. Mr. Cunningham has edited several The New York Times-bestselling collections of comics and graphic novels. He was one of the first editors of the Folio Award-winning Wizard Magazine. As a DC Comics editor, he shepherded such series as Superman, Justice League, Green Lantern and The Flash.

Instructor Statement:

Comics marry words and pictures in magical ways that no other medium can and its visual nature makes it a particularly inviting form of storytelling. And those stories are only limited by the imaginations of those telling them. No special effects budget, no restrictions on length…anyone with a pen and paper (or screen and stylus) can tell their story — even if it means drawing with stick figures (“art” is a subjective term). So join me and put something creative into the world — you’ll make it a better place.

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