Brad Pope

Chip Pope

Instructor Bio:

M.F.A., TV writer/producer specializing in half-hour comedy/dramedy; WGA and SAG-AFTRA member. member, whose credits include Lopez, Beavis and Butt-Head, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Rosie Show and MTV’s Austin Stories. Mr. Pope has sold or produced pilots and shows at HBO, Comedy Central, ABC, NBC, LOGO, OWN, FOX, among many others.

Instructor Statement:

Striving to be a great writer is important, but striving to be a great PERSON is crucial. My main concern as a teacher is not only to improve your screenwriting, but to unlock your innate creativity to foster your growth as an exemplary human. My teaching philosophy is primarily based on what I’ve learned over 20+ years of experience as a Hollywood TV writer. First, in an encouraging and respectful environment, we’ll ensure every student believes they are unique and creative, with the capability of synthesizing that P.O.V. into their screenwriting. Secondly, we’ll learn storytelling tools: characters, structure, inclusivity, etc… and we’ll answer the eternal development question: “Why now?” Lastly, we’ll utilize all we’ve learned to produce professional-level screenwriting samples you’ll be proud to show peers and industry professionals. Together, we’ll pursue the ultimate goals of being produced screenwriters AND great people!

Instructor Schedule
Summer 2024

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