Dan Lopez

Dan López

Dan López, assistant editor at Counterpoint Press. Mr. López is the author the novel The Show House, named a best book of the year by the Chicago Review of Books and the short story collection, Part the Hawser, Limn the Sea, which was a finalist for Lambda Literary Award in debut fiction.

Instructor Statement: I believe great writing is authentic writing, and authentic writing is unique to each individual. My goal in the classroom is to provide you with the space and encouragement to find and develop your own voice. Whether you've been writing your whole life or are just at the beginning of your journey, I believe the practice of writing provides us with keen insights into who we are, where we've been and where we're going. When we come together to work on our craft as a community, we're committing to supporting each other in a journey of self-discovery. A story can take many forms—it can be sci-fi or romance, gritty realism or high-comedy—but the strongest stories reflect the writer's point of view. In this class, we will endeavor to locate and develop our unique ways of seeing and saying.

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Fall 2024

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