David Seidman

Instructor Biography

Editor and writer for the Los Angeles Times’ newspaper syndicate, Disney Publishing and Simon & Schuster. Mr. Seidman has edited books, magazine and newspaper articles, marketing materials, technical documents, comic books and web copy.

Instructor Statement

My job is to give students (1) editing skills and (2) a realistic view of the editor’s work life. The work can be demanding, but I believe that anyone who loves clear, meaningful writing can learn to edit. I try to ease the students’ way into the work by tailoring my approach to their career needs and level of skill and by using warmth and humor. (I’ve written and performed at The Second City Hollywood and other comedy outlets.) But the heart of my editing and my teaching is no joke. It’s a fierce love of the English language and clear, powerful writing. You can see some samples of my approach to editing and related matters on my blog at https://davidleeseidman.wordpress.com/category/editing/.

Instructor Schedule
Fall 2024

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