Loy Lee

Jennifer Lee Loy

Instructor Biography

MFA in Screenwriting. Ms. Lee Loy was accepted into the Fox Diversity Program for Television. Her screenwriting credits include feature length film Special Ops and short film Gambler’s Anonymous. Ms. Lee Loy was a screenplay finalist and quarter-finalist in the Austin Film Festival, Final Draft Big Break Screenwriting Competition, Page International Screenwriting Competition, Action on Film International Film Festival, and Shriekfest.

Instructor Statement

As an instructor it is my job to point you toward a greater understanding. I’m not simply referring to the technical elements of story structure and character development, but of your development as a writer. Like your stories and characters, you are your own work in progress. With every story you grow and change. These evolutionary growth spurts are where the true magic is and will keep you writing for years to come. It is my goal to nurture those evolutionary shifts and extract your unique voice and truth. After all, it is your voice that breathes true life into a story.

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