Joel Thompson

Joel Thompson

Instructor Biography:

Joel A. Thompson, MFA, TV writer; WGA member, who created the series Superstition for Syfy.  Mr. Thompson’s other writing credits include House MD, Boomtown, Battlestar Galactica, and Falling Skies.  He has sold pitches to various networks including CBS, HBO Films, and Stage 9 Productions (Disney).

Instructor Statement:

The very act of writing a story is a journey of discovery. Its completion leaves the writer better, and more knowing than before they embarked. Writing requires a delicate coupling of vision with an acute understanding of the fundamentals. My objective is to introduce those fundamentals and help you discover your creativity from within, for the journeys that lie ahead. Cultivating a germ of an idea into an outline is a critical step in composing a sound teleplay.  We’ll have an open and sharing atmosphere to explore the many places story ideas can emerge.  We’ll examine common traits in successful shows. Because a writer’s success also hinges on longevity and outlook, survival tips for tackling writer’s block and rejection fears will also be discussed.  I’ll help you weave your artistry, character arcs, and plot points into a structured television outline to prepare you for the beginning of your great journey.

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