Kenji Liu

Kenji Liu

Instructor Biography: 

Interdisciplinary artist and author of Monsters I Have Been and Map of an Onion, which won the 2015 Hillary Gravendyk Poetry Prize. Mr. Liu’s writing has appeared in American Poetry Review, Gulf Coast, Poetry Northwest, and others. He has taught and presented his work throughout the US, México, and Japan.

Instructor Statement: 

Sometimes creative writing seems like a magical activity that only a talented few can do. Many of us might have had very challenging past experiences with language and writing. But if you can tell a story to your friends and family, you have everything you need to get started. Your voice is unique and important! We begin with what you know, and learn the necessary tools and scaffolding. My goal is to demystify the act of writing, starting with an important secret—whether a humble poem for a loved one or a New York Times best seller—good writing is not instantaneous; it takes hard work. There are stages to the writing process, each with its own challenges and goals. Join me to learn all of this and more! 

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