Kristin Loberg

Instructor Biography:

New York Times bestselling writer and editor specializing in proposals and book collaboration. Ms. Loberg’s titles include Brain Maker (Little, Brown and Company), Grain Brain (Little, Brown and Company), Payback Time (Crown), The End of Illness (Free Press), A Short Guide to a Long Life (Simon & Schuster), and The Lucky Years (Thorndike Press) among numerous others.

Instructor Statement:

Ideas may be as free as the air, but the ones that land in bestselling books must be written, pitched, packaged, and marketed well. My goal is to help you work with your ideas so you can maximize their publishing potential, whether you choose the traditional route with a publisher or go at it alone independently. I’ll guide you through a methodical process of building a book’s architecture, developing compelling messages that have engaging hooks and widespread appeal, and learning how to capitalize on your marketing and publicity strengths while downplaying your weaknesses—all of which you’ll need starting in the proposal phase. I’ll also share with you how to locate and synthesize information from a wide range of sources that you may require to create the most provocative pitch that will resonate deeply with your target audience. In a world where writers are bombarded by confusing messages about how to get their books published successfully, my insider knowledge of the industry allows me to erase that frustration and facilitate an enlightening, fun, and highly interactive journey from idea to polished product. You’ll discover things about yourself along the way that will surprise even you!

Our Students Say it Best!

“The instructor was terrific. She provided us with valuable information, listened to ideas, and provided more outside resources than I have ever had in a class.”  — Writers’ Program Student

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